At Cayman FIRST we put you first – let us offer you some helpful tips to help keep you safe.

Always be on the look-out for cyclists
They may meander in and out of traffic, or do not always obey traffic rules!

Before exiting a minor road or parking lot onto a main road – ensure it is clear by looking back and forth each way at least twice before proceeding.
Do not assume blinking lights are meant for you (even if the vehicle slows down) – it could be meant for someone else, perhaps a friend of the other driver passing, or a vehicle could be travelling much faster than you think it is, impairing your judgment. If the way is clear, move swiftly and in control when you exit.

Always watch the rear of the vehicle ahead of you!
Do not assume they are clear-thinking drivers. They may brake without apparent reason! They could also be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, attending to a disruptive child, or may be having a domestic dispute which may cause irrational driving. If you hit a car from behind the police will more than likely blame it on you!

Do not always assume it is safe to turn because you have your traffic signal on!
Check for vehicles attempting to overtake your car before turning!

Do not move off when you check for clearance to make your exit!
You may wrongfully assume the person ahead of you is gone and you may end up causing a rear-end accident!

Do not pick up passengers on the road.
Unless you know who they are and it is safe for you to pick them up! You don’t want to be another crime victim!

Always have a designated driver if you are going to drink alcohol!
You may not realize you are above the limit. And you don’t want to lose your driver’s license (especially when you rely on it for your living!). Serious accidents can occur if you drive drunk – many fatalities and serious bodily injuries are caused by drunk driving.

Reduce your speed before you negotiate a corner!
Do not attempt to negotiate a corner with speed, especially on wet roads!

Drive at least two car lengths behind the person ahead of you, if possible.

Understand the use of the roundabout!
Many drivers do not know how to use the roundabout. Check and follow the rules of the Road Code!

Always be conscious of pedestrians, watch the pedestrian crossing and stop if persons are waiting to cross!

Do not text and drive, dial a number or pick up a dropped item, or attempt to attend to a spilled cup without pulling over!
Always keep your eyes on what is ahead of you! Distractions when driving are dangerous – one second of distraction could mean the death or serious injury to a child running out in the road to collect a ball!

Use your seat belts and encourage your passengers to use them!
It saves lives! It may cost you dollars if the police stop you and you don’t have them on!

Avoid break-ins!
Do not leave wallets, purses or items of value on seats! This attracts thieves and your motor vehicle may be burglarized!

Lock your car every time and take your keys with you!
Avoid theft of your vehicle!

Drive within the speed limit!

Do not accept fault for an accident at the scene
Report the facts to your insurer first!

Be a happy and safe driver, at Cayman FIRST our drivers come first!

  • Utilize your wellness benefit as per your policy coverage.
  • Don’t skip breakfast
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Eat whole grains, brown rice instead of white and switch to wheat pasta
  • Eat lean proteins such as poultry, fish and beans
  • Stay properly hydrated by drinking enough water