Claim Administration

The Claims Department at Cayman First provides one of the most important services to its customers. It facilitates the delivery of the company’s promise to its customers in the unfortunate event of a loss. We are very cognizant that how we respond could determine whether clients remain Insured with us, or go elsewhere.

Our primary function, therefore, is to provide superior customer service and manage the processes of claims adjusting with excellence, by being fair and reasonable to both the Insured and Third party in the settlement of their claims.

Inherent therein is our responsibility to:

  1. Take the report
  2. Determine cover
  3. Conduct investigation/s
  4. Determine liability
  5. Establish claim file
  6. Quantify loss/es
  7. Settle claims quickly (in accordance with policy specifications), and
  8. Recover (where applicable).

When a customer buys a product that Cayman First sells, the client purchases a promise that in the event of a loss (covered by the policy) (Example: loss or damage to your or the third party vehicle, loss or damage to your home or commercial building, or injury to your employee on the job) from which the party will have sustained financial loss; the Insurer’s promise is to indemnify the client or settle with the third party either by repair, replacement or by cash payment to put them back in the financial position they were in prior to the loss. The quality of service provided by the Claims Department is integral in facilitating the delivery of this promise. As such, all effort will be made to settle claims within the quickest possible time.

Therefore, the primary function of this Department is to provide superior service and manage the processes of claims adjusting with excellence and integrity.

We also provide guidance as our Comprehensive and Third Party policyholders navigate the claims process and seek to ensure that either party is offered fair and satisfactory settlement of their claims.