Cayman First Policy Holder

Why Choose Cayman First?

Variety. Innovation. Flexibility. Value.

These are just some of the features you and your employees want in a health plan. Our plans and products for your employees meet the needs and size of any company.

Group Health Insurance

As an administrator of a Cayman First Group Health Plan we want to support your efforts. Our goal is to simplify the administrative side of healthcare management. We have created the Customer Service Center to give you the tools to help your employees manage their benefits and help you effectively manage your healthcare costs. The online Customer Service Center is open 24x7x365 to assist you. If you are not currently registered and would like to apply please contact us.

Check the Status

As an administrator of a Cayman First Group Health Plan you can find information about your specific benefits plans by logging in to the Customer Service Center.

  • Verify eligibility of specific policy holders
  • View benefits and deductibles of specific policy holders
  • View your claims history

View Claim Payment Records

A record of all payments for claims submitted to Cayman First will be electronically posted in your private data vault accessible by logging in to the Customer Service Center. Payment records will be filed by date and itemized by amount paid for each policy holder’s claim.

Stay Informed

As an administrator of a Group Health Plan your invoices for coverage of your employees healthcare plans and a record of all claims paid will be electronically stored in your private data vault. This allows you to access it at your convenience from anywhere in the world using an Internet connection and your password. If you’d like us to send you an email or text message to let you know when a new invoice or payment record has been posted, be sure to log in to the Customer Service Center and update your ‘My Account’ information.

  • Update your email address
  • Update your cell phone number
  • View notices for Healthcare Group Plan administrators that Cayman First has posted on the Message Board

Find and Submit a Form

As an administrator of a Cayman First Group Health Plan you may need to submit information from time to time. For your convenience, you will find our most commonly used forms readily available to you in the Customer Service Center on the ‘Documents’ page. Once you’ve printed and completed the form you can return it without ever leaving your office. The Customer Service Center ‘Submit’ page will allow you to directly upload your completed form to your Cayman First Account Representative.

Print a Member Card

Each of your employees, as a policy holder of Cayman First Health Insurance, has been issued a Member ID Card. If they need another copy you can easily assist them by logging in to the Customer Service Center.

Get Assistance

Your support team at Cayman First is available to help you. To make it easy to find us, we’ve listed all of our contact information on the Contacts page.