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Brian – Motor

"I’ve been with Cayman First for a while now and I would definitely recommend them to a friend, their First Response Team was so helpful.” | Brian

Brian – Motor2017-07-23T20:06:57-05:00

Matthew Commercial

"There were particular things that I was looking out for when it came to getting the right insurance for my local office business. Cayman First made everything crystal clear, and couldn’t believe how easy it was to get the exact policy I wanted.” | Matthew

Matthew Commercial2017-07-23T20:07:38-05:00

Lucy- Commercial

"I own a business with a complex working environment. Cayman First really delivered, and it was so easy to get the policy that was right for me!” | Lucy

Lucy- Commercial2017-07-23T20:07:29-05:00

Laura – Commercial

"I had an accident in my van last year and the First Response Team lived up to their promise. I would highly recommend Cayman First.” | Laura

Laura – Commercial2017-07-23T20:07:47-05:00

Andrea – Home

"Sadly my home was badly damaged in a tropical storm a few years ago. But Cayman First were so helpful, and provided free debris removal and alternative accommodation as standard! They really went the extra mile when I really needed it. I’m very impressed!” | Andrea

Andrea – Home2017-07-23T20:03:11-05:00

Karen – Home

"I was pleased to be offered a discount when I visited the security store. I even got a further discount from Cayman First when it came to insuring these products. I’m very happy indeed! For me it’s Cayman First!” | Karen

Karen – Home2017-07-23T20:02:27-05:00

Clive – Motor

"I’ve been with Cayman First for many years. I literally don’t have anything but positive things to say about them. Great brand. Great service." | Clive

Clive – Motor2017-07-23T20:08:03-05:00

Shopie – Marine

"I love spending time on my boat with my family and friends. Cayman First just make things so much easier that everyone else! They were really helpful – I was not disappointed!” | Sophie

Shopie – Marine2017-07-23T19:56:35-05:00

Claire – Marine

"I’m really into my sailing and used to live in the Bahamas, so I’m familiar with Bahamas First. Cayman First did not disappoint, I’m so happy I chose them. I would recommend to a friend.” | Claire

Claire – Marine2017-07-23T19:56:01-05:00

Alice – Motor

"I had an accident last year, and the First Response Team were so helpful. I would definitely recommend Cayman First to a friend.” | Alice

Alice – Motor2017-07-23T20:00:51-05:00